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DDI Survey Reader is a simple reader using the DDI (Version 3) standards. Built in C# 4.0 using linqtoxml. This was created as a submission to ABSCodeplay.

The reader extracts survey citation data and question data, grouping and assigning them relevant controls for data entry.

It was built in C# 4.0 and uses Linqtoxml for several reasons:

  1. A C# WindowsForm application can be converted to a webapplication or webservice with little to no difficulty.
  2. Linq2Xml is fast, allowing documents to be loaded, searched and displayed quickly.

The current version will only return the first results of each Value element meaning no support for reading other languages. This can be included, and i probably will, however there’s not enough time before competition close date.

Note: When running the application use the resource survey file COS.xml first (This was provided by the ABS and was used as a major reference in the construction).


Any feedback you have please leave it here.

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Lucas Moffitt.

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